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Do you comply with legislation?
The electronic security sector is subject to numerous complex laws which you and your security firm need to take into account.

A&E Security strictly complies with the legislation in force
You can rest assured; as a certified security firm, A&E Security keeps abreast of the legislation in force. So you will receive all information you need. And your security solution will meet all legal requirements. 

Know your rights and duties
Do you know the legislation as to the user sufficiently? We will show you the ropes:  
  • Did you know you are obliged to register your burglar alarm?
  • Do you comply with the regulations of the Surveillance Cameras Act?

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You are obliged to register your burglar alarm
The Belgian Royal Decree of 25 April 2007 obliges you to register your burglar alarm system on the website
  • Are you connected to our alarm receiving centre? Then they will take care of it for you.
  • Are you not connected to our alarm receiving centre? Then you need to take care of it within ten days. In addition, you need to confirm your registration annually.

Register your alarm system in three steps :

1. Identify yourself as a user
    Identify yourself with your electronic identity card or via a token:
  • electronic identity card
    This is the easiest way. Keep the following items at hand:
    + your identity card and PIN code (the 4-digit code you received from your
       municipality, together with your identity card);
    + a card reader (available in most computer and electronics shops); these
       are often at your disposal in public spaces such as libraries or civic
    + a computer with an Internet connection.
  • token
    You don’t have a card reader? Then you can register by means of a token.
    A token is a card with 24 codes which offers you increased security when surfing online. You don’t have a token? Then you can get one at the city hall or at the Fedict registration office, which is located in Brussels. 
    You will receive your token within 4 days after your application. With one of the 24 codes on your card you can identify yourself on

2. Register your burglar alarm
    Fill in the following data:
  • name, address and phone number of the alarm system’s location;
  • name, address, e-mail address and mobile phone number of the alarm system’s user;
  • type of the building where the alarm system has been installed;
  • nature of the risk of the location (jeweller’s, pharmacy, newsagent's …).

3. Confirm your registration
     Print the receipt and save this carefully as proof of your registration.

More information?

Comply with the regulations of the Surveillance Cameras Act
The Surveillance Cameras Act (21 March 2007) and the new Belgian Royal Decree of 21/08/2009 determine the regulations for the installation, use, notification and registration of surveillance cameras. Infringements will cost you dearly with fines ranging from € 250 to € 1.000. So don’t take any risks.

1. Observe the relevant directives for each location
Do you wish to install your cameras in an unenclosed place, an enclosed place open to the public or an enclosed place not open to the public? This is important since there are different directives for each location type. Ask A&E Security for advice.

2. You are obliged to register your surveillance camera
You are obliged to register your camera surveillance system with the Commission for the Protection of Privacy. Do this on one day prior to commissioning at the latest. This electronic notification procedure costs € 25.
Tips for smooth notification
  • Click on ‘notification’ on the Home page.
  • Click on ‘make a new thematic notification’.
  • Click on ‘You are responsible for the installation and use of a surveillance camera in an unenclosed place’.
  • Are you making the notification for one site? Then click on ‘notification to be made for one site under camera surveillance’.

3. You are obliged to indicate your camera surveillance with pictograms.
The Surveillance Cameras Act states: indicate your surveillance cameras with a sign. Therefore hang warning pictograms at every entrance up to the area where filming takes place prior to commissioning.
The signs need to comply with the stipulations of the Belgian Royal Decree.

Order your personalised pictograms at A&E Security
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More information? The Privacy Commission informs.
FAQ about the Surveillance Cameras Act
Help with your notification: 02 213 85 98 or 02 231 85 40.