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Testimonials from clients


Transparent reporting

You know where you stand – at any time!
Do you wish to permanently optimise your efficiency? So do we! That’s why you receive a crystal-clear review report as often as you wish. This is an integral part of our customer-oriented approach. Furthermore, it is a watertight guarantee of quality since the numbers tell the tale!

More security for less money
The review report clearly states how much money you save thanks to our exceptional services since you essentially pay for intervention time when buying security. And intervention time will decrease dramatically thanks to A&E Security! This is due to the remote interventions by the remote support centre – unique in Belgium. And to the optimum distribution of our technical advisers across the country. This way, they always reach their destination quickly. So you can sleep soundly. An additional advantage is that our remote interventions are harmless to the environment since your security system's ecological footprint decreases considerably. 

We aim to please
The result: you can set your mind at ease as our remote support centre will take care of your concerns. And you can count on intensive service control, which constantly keeps our focus sharp and provides you with better service and quality at a lower price! Thanks to the review report you accurately adjust our services every year and save money.