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Testimonials from clients


Sint-Truiden watches over its tourists

Hilde Hendrickx, head of the Tourism department of Sint-Truiden, was looking for a reliable partner for her town to take over and maintain the camera surveillance and access control system. Hilde Hendrickx: “Our challenge was to optimise our security system at tourist locations while retaining the available cameras and the active access control system.”

Update meets upgrade

Hilde Hendrickx: “The camera management system was replaced as was the recording equipment. This meant that all images are now recorded and checked centrally at the tourism department. In case of problems, A&E Security’s Remote Support Centre comes into action. While the access control system was retained, it was updated and extended to increase efficiency. And both solutions were placed in a virtual environment to save on IT costs.”

Minimum investment, maximum return

Hilde Hendrickx: “Since A&E Security upgraded the existing installations, the  investment cost was limited. However, the optimisation provides the system with many more possibilities. In addition, A&E Security remotely makes the correct diagnosis in case of problems. This saves a lot of time and money.”