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Testimonials from clients


AVA chooses one integrated security sytem for burglar alarm and access control

Koen Van Weddingen, Director of ICT & Facility AVA : “The AVA shops used to rely on different alarm system installers and alarm receiving centres. This situation had developed over the years, but created insecurity and confusion. Was our security system up to scratch? Were the different systems used correctly? And were the right people contacted in case of alarm? Through word-of-mouth advertising I discovered A&E Security in 2009. I dropped by and immediately got a presentation in the showroom on their specialised approach for the retail sector.”

Absolute added value: HERA software and A&E Service desk

Koen Van Weddingen: “The principal strengths of their approach are the HERA software, which allows central management, and the Remote Support Centre. Now we are absolutely sure our shops are optimally secured. This is demonstrated by the continuous reports. And with the HERA software we also manage all access codes and digital plans. In addition, we control the opening and closing hours of our shops. The Remote Support Centre has already extensively proved its added value. In case of problems we call the service desk, and A&E Security directly logs on to our system to solve the problem. Furthermore, our people receive far less calls in case of an alert. A&E Security ensures the technical verification and filters out any unwanted alarms. This result in less intervention costs!”

Uniformity at last

Koen Van Weddingen: “A&E Security thinks along with you. For instance, at our request they adapted the HERA software so that we could also integrate our call lists. So no more Excel files, old codes and different security concepts per shop. Our security system is now uniform and optimal. And the icing on the cake is the remote support through A&E Security’s service desk.”