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Testimonials from clients


Filip De Dycker can check on his horses whenever and wherever we want

Filip De Dycker has a passion for horses and started a small-scale horse stud farm as a hobby. He contacted A&E Security for a camera surveillance system in early 2015. Filip: “I had two goals in mind: deterring potential intruders and keeping an eye out at any given time and place – in the stables and in the paddocks, but also on the tracks and on the car park.” Camera images have in the meantime become an integral part of Filip’s life and have proven their value several times over.

Goodbye intruders, welcome horses
A horse stud farm has a lot of expensive equipment: saddles in the stables, horse trucks on the car park, ... Camera surveillance provides protection against theft. It deters potential intruders. We can furthermore check on our horses whenever and wherever we want, live and 24/7. You often hear sad stories about cruelty to horses or passers-by who feed the horses bread and unintentionally make them ill by doing so. Everything that happens with our horses is now recorded so that we can fall back on these images in case of problems.

Check-up in the blink of an eye
We monitor pregnant mares around the clock: infrared cameras film what happens in the stables at night so that we do not miss anything. When a mare becomes restless, delivery is close. We also keep a close eye on newborn foals as the first hours of their lives are crucial. The cameras also give us peace of mind. We can always check quickly whether the horses are still secure in their box. Horses have been seen to break down stable doors or open their boxes by accident before.

Safe and well in the paddock
Our horses are outside in summer all day and night,  but the cameras enable us to keep an eye on them even over there. This means we can react quickly when a horse breaks out or tramples down a wire fence. And when our daughter rides alone, we use our smartphone to keep an eye on the track: a horse can always buck and throw off its rider. Even when we are abroad for a couple of days, we know exactly what is happening with our horses: are they peaceful in the stables or in the paddock? When we see an irregularity, we immediately call the groom and ask him to have a look.

Peace of mind at any given time and place
We can watch the images on the desktop computer we have at home as well as on our smartphone via the relevant app. In practice, we monitor the horses with our smartphone most of the time. The mobility of our surveillance system is a major advantage. I check the images on my iPhone a couple of times a day. It is one of the first things I do in the morning, and one of the last things I do before going to bed in the evening. I do a quick check whether everything is still fine with the horses.

Loyal A&E customer
How did we come into contact with A&E Security? Fifteen years ago, we asked A&E to install a burglar alarm system in our house, and we were highly satisfied. We furthermore live in the Sint-Niklaas region, where there is an A&E office – very convenient in case of problems and for maintenance. A&E Security’s main assets? A high level of technical expertise, an excellent price/quality ratio in a market with big differences in quality and definitely also the service: A&E’s help desk is always on standby.

Tailored advice
A&E performed a thorough site analysis when they visited the site: a specialist selected the best places to hang the cameras, the ideal height for the cameras etc. We installed additional poles for cameras outside – including heat detection and LED lighting. The LED lights turn on when somebody enters the premises. This increases the deterrence effect of our camera surveillance system.

Help desk A&E keeps an eye out
The resolution of the camera images is excellent and we are also satisfied with the stability of the system: it runs without any problems, and the help desk automatically receives a signal in case of camera failure. A&E then contacts us so that we can check what is going on: did someone sabotage the camera or is something else amiss? This gives me peace of mind.