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Testimonials from clients


Lunch Garden : “Questions or problems? A few words are enough for A&E”

In 2013, Lunch Garden experienced a strong increase in burglary attempts and false alarms for its 55 restaurants. The technical management asked A&E Security to install a new burglar alarm system as well as a central code management system. Access code management took (too) much time because of job promotions and staff changes. Two years later, the problem of burglaries has decreased significantly as everything is detected much better. And the access codes? They are now managed centrally. Technical Field Manager and Prevention Advisor Yves Van Caenegem explains.

75% decrease in required security patrols
Thanks to the double detection system, we receive a signal when somebody tries to break open a door or window and when there is movement inside. We therefore intervene much more efficiently and the cost of mobile surveillance with security guards has decreased significantly.”

Unique access code for every employee
“We employ approximately 1200 staff members at our sites. Consequently, code management is a great challenge: people get promoted, employees retire, new colleagues commence employment etc. We need to be able to give our people fast and secure access to the correct site. Not a problem with the remote code management system. Each employee chooses one unique code and keeps this code for their entire career within the company. Codes are managed centrally, and in case of changes the site managers send an e-mail or dial into the system.”

Including services: service desk and SLA
“Alterations and repairs especially take place at night. With one phone call to the service desk we can deactivate a site’s automatic surveillance system remotely. In case of short interventions, the surveillance system is remotely reactivated afterwards.  The administrative formalities are also very simple. Once a year we go through all sites: which branches will open, which will get a facelift, … Everything else is taken care of automatically via our SLA (Service Level Agreement): the price is clear and we get one invoice for the maintenance in the different restaurants. We only get a separate invoice for repairs in case of damage or defects.”

A&E Security saves you a lot of work and stress
“Why A&E Security? One word: flexibility. We need to be able to react quickly. If a specific site needs to be given preference, A&E Security will adjust its time schedule. In addition, we always get proactive advice. Technicians analyse the specific security risks for each site. In the meantime we have developed a relationship of trust. Our contacts only need a few words to determine whether a request is urgent and what needs to be done. So a quick phone call or e-mail message suffices in case of problems. A&E Security saves us an awful lot of work and stress.”