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Testimonials from clients


B-BRIDGE has sworn by integrated security systems for RANDSTAD and TEMPO TEAM for seventeen years

In 2000 and 2001 the offices of the Randstad employment agency had to deal with a wave of burglaries. The intruders were after the new IT equipment. Soon the continuity of the operation was compromised. The employees could not work without computers. Bernd Pronker, building manager of B-Bridge, the umbrella facility organisation of Randstad and Tempo Team, searched the market for the right security partner. No easy task, but he found his match with A&E Security.

The formula for success? An integrated master plan
Bernd Pronker: “A&E Security was the only company to present us with a technical and tactical master plan . CEO Peter D’hondt explained the details to us. It was an integrated system with access control, intrusion detection and an active fog generator.” The plan immediately put a stop to the wave of burglaries at Randstad. Bernd Pronker: “Since it was installed we have not had a single burglary. And our employees can again focus one hundred percent on our customers.”

Higher performance thanks to remote assistance
Bernd Pronker: “Thanks to remote assistance we also feel secure in case of operational adaptations. Together with the HR department, the A&E Security service desk closely monitors badge management. This results in higher performance.”
Philippe Deweirt, technical building coordinator at B-Bridge: “Thanks to the partnership with A&E Security we now manage the security of and access to our branches in a simple, efficient and environment-friendly manner as well. Our cost is therefore minimal, while our return is maximal.”