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Testimonials from clients



Small to medium-sized enterprise? Play it safe with your business
If you are self-employed, you work hard. This is common knowledge! But sometimes there is too little time for security. A&E Security ensures a secure working environment for your staff while watching over your knowhow and property. So you can set your mind at ease and fully concentrate on expanding your business.

Testimonials from clients

  • Avotex keeps unwanted visitors away with camera surveillance
    Avotex, a fire protection product distributor, faced an unusual problem.

    The company’s car park was occasionally the location of nightly meetings.Read more
  • Garage Raes feels secure about expanding
    Garage Raes is well established in the Bruges region. Patrick Raes and Rita Versieck started up their family business in Moerkerke-Damme in 1975....
    Read more