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12,000 loyal customers. We've had to work hard every day to earn this. How? Through exceptional products and unique services. Our customers concur. The result: customised security solutions for a range of sectors:

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Testimonials from clients

  • Camera surveillance resolves disputes at Fides Petfood
    Damage to company buildings, disputes on inbound and outbound deliveries, lost equipment or absenteeism ... These are only some of the reasons to opt for camera...
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  • A&E intrusion detection puts an end to spate of burglaries at Veritas.

    Bart Vandenabeele, Veritas : In the winter of 2012-2013 our chain of shops was hit in a spate of burglaries. Thieves opt for the easiest...
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  • Avotex keeps unwanted visitors away with camera surveillance
    Avotex, a fire protection product distributor, faced an unusual problem.

    The company’s car park was occasionally the location of nightly...
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  • ICO opts for perimeter protection for its car terminals
    ICO is an international car stower based in Zeebrugge and a subsidiary of Nippon Yusen Kaisha...
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  • AVA chooses one integrated security sytem for burglar alarm and access control

    Koen Van Weddingen, Director of ICT & Facility AVA : “The AVA shops used to rely on different...
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  • B-BRIDGE has sworn by integrated security systems for RANDSTAD and TEMPO TEAM for seventeen years
    In 2000 and 2001 the offices of the Randstad employment agency had to deal with a wave of burglaries. The intruders were after the new IT equipment. Soon...
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  • De Boes P&H keeps an eye on all machinery by means of camera surveillance
    De BOES P&H, a company manufacturing plastic containers and lids for the food, chemical and cosmetics industries, enlisted the help of A&E Security...
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  • Lantmännen - Unibake : Central access control system controls access to three sites.
    Swedish industrial bakery Lantmännen-Unibake has three sites in Belgium: Mouscron, Londerzeel...
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  • Excellent camera surveillance at International Transport Bellekens
    International Transport Bellekens from Heist-op-den-Berg specialises in groupage and partial transport from the Benelux...
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  • Sports Direct’s security system expands in line with our chain stores

    David Van Gansbeke, Retail Operations Manager Belux Sports Direct :

    “Sports Direct is expanding rapidly. In a few years’...
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  • Sint-Truiden watches over its tourists
    Hilde Hendrickx, head of the Tourism department of Sint-Truiden, was looking...
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  • Lunch Garden : “Questions or problems? A few words are enough for A&E”
    In 2013, Lunch Garden experienced a strong increase in burglary attempts and false alarms for its 55 restaurants. The technical management asked A&E...
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  • Salons Denotter protects itself against wave of burglaries
    Numerous people visit Salons Denotter, a reputable party hall in Zedelgem. It is the perfect location for weddings,...
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  • Lecot has every alert remotely checked

    Philippe De Veyt, Managing Director at Lecot: “Our security officer, Bernard Vandercruyssen,...
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  • Garage Raes feels secure about expanding
    Garage Raes is well established in the Bruges region. Patrick Raes and Rita Versieck started up their family business in Moerkerke-Damme in 1975. In 1992...
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  • Filip De Dycker can check on his horses whenever and wherever we want
    Filip De Dycker has a passion for horses and started a small-scale horse stud farm as a hobby. He contacted A&E Security for a camera surveillance...
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  • Siegfried De Cuyper protects what is dear to him against fire and burglary
    Siegfried De Cuyper searched and found the ideal burglar alarm and fire protection system: “A&E Security first made a thorough preparatory study...
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